A Nurse in Uganda is a Trusted Messenger of Hope

By Shot@Life and Unite for Health on September 16, 2020

Her own healthy baby son is how Ugandan nurse Maureen Wandawa demonstrates the benefits of immunization. Working together to build …

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Women on the Frontlines: Malaria in Ecuador

By Nothing But Nets and Unite for Health on September 16, 2020

Malaria affects the lives of Ecuadorian women in many ways. Now the pandemic is reversing progress against the deadly mosquito-borne …

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Wiping Out Wild Polio in Africa, Together

By UN Foundation and Unite for Health on September 16, 2020

A network of dedicated religious leaders, community health workers, and global partners have achieved what was once unthinkable: an African …

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Tracking COVID-19: Contact Tracing in the Digital Age

By Devin Domeyer on September 14, 2020

The story of COVID-19 is one of trial and error. Reopening borders, tourism, and public spaces is challenging in timing …

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A Radio Talk Show Host in Uganda Broadcasts Lifesaving COVID-19 Tips

By Sarah Alaoui on September 14, 2020

More than eight months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, prevention awareness remains more critical than ever. With help from the …

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How Creative Financial Solutions Can Make Universal Health Care Possible

By Ilze Melngailis on September 10, 2020

COVID-19’s dangerously rapid spread around the globe makes painfully clear the interconnected nature of humanity’s health, which is critical to …

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Our Shared Future Is Not A Choice

By Elizabeth Cousens on September 3, 2020

We are in a moment of existential consequence. Even before COVID-19 shifted our realities, 2020 was already going to be …

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UNGA 75: Key Issues to Watch

By Kaysie Brown on September 3, 2020

This year the format is as unprecedented as the moment. For the first time in its 75 years, the United …

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Climate Change and the Future of Food

By Ryan Hobert and Christine Negra on September 1, 2020

Food security — the reliable access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food — is inextricably linked to a predictable climate …

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