Smart Villages for Strong Communities

By DIAL and Unite for Health on October 24, 2020

In Niger, government agencies, NGOs, and international organizations are coming together to bring essential technology to rural communities. Maurice Sayinzoga, …

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Why do the Sustainable Development Goals matter in America?

By Kaysie Brown and Krista Rasmussen on October 23, 2020

From Pittsburgh to Hawaii, Verizon to Carnegie Mellon University, with youth activists and CEOs, the Sustainable Development Goals are being …

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WHO Provides a Guiding Light for Burkina Faso’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response

By Sarah Alaoui on October 23, 2020

With help from the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, the World Health Organization is supporting the fight against COVID-19 in some …

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A Trust Betrayed: Barriers to Health Access in India

By 3D Program for Girls & Women and Unite for Health on October 23, 2020

Sayali, a waste pickers’ advocate in India and beneficiary of the 3D Program for Girls and Women, illustrates the obstacles …

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Come Together: How the Fight to End Polio Can Help the COVID-19 Recovery

By Elizabeth Thrush on October 20, 2020

On World Polio Day 2020, the world will be anxiously awaiting the development of a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. …

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COVID-19 is Fueling a Mental Health Crisis For the World’s Youth

By Kate Dodson on October 16, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic upends the lives of young people around the world, a long-simmering mental health crisis threatens to …

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Beijing, Backlash and a Big Year Ahead for the Global Gender Equality Movement

By Stephanie Oula on October 16, 2020

I was 5 when the UN’s Fourth World Conference for Women took place in Beijing, where thousands of women and …

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Syrian refugee carries on family soap-making legacy to combat COVID-19 spread in Lebanon

By Sarah Alaoui on October 15, 2020

With training from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and support from the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, Syrian refugee Midia Said …

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Whatever you say will be used against you: Global civic space is under threat, we need to protect it

By Thure Krarup on October 14, 2020

“We are giving our bodies to this cause, we are giving our voice to this cause, we are giving our …

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It’s Not All Bad: Bright Spots in the Global Fight Against COVID-19

By Megan Rabbitt on October 13, 2020

Since news of the novel coronavirus broke 10 months ago, headlines have grown more distressing by the day. But amid …

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