What We Do

In our interconnected world, our shared future rests upon our ability to act together with common purpose. The United Nations was created to strengthen the bonds of international cooperation around shared interests and values. It is the one place where all countries and citizens can unite behind collective action to address our greatest challenges and deliver a better world for all. The UN Foundation supports the UN’s ability to tackle these challenges and harness opportunities for the benefit of all humanity. As we head deeper into the 21st century, this task is more urgent than ever.

We work by building communities and incubating initiatives to support the UN and its priority issues, including achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are guided by the following priorities:

  • To empower and support UN leaders and innovators,
  • To accelerate SDG progress and climate action,
  • To anticipate future challenges that shape humanity’s prospects,
  • To grow diverse and durable constituencies for collective action both in the United States and globally.


We tackle pressing issues facing humanity.

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We build diverse constituencies to support the UN and its work.

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