Our Approach

As a strategic partner of the United Nations, we bring together fresh thinking and diverse voices around innovative ideas to drive progress and tackle problems. Sometimes we work behind-the-scenes, shaping negotiations and connecting experts, advocates and decision-makers. Other times we drive public awareness and involvement through communications, campaigns, and convenings. Over the years we’ve developed a diverse and dynamic portfolio of capabilities, tools, and platforms to help the UN build a better world for everyone, everywhere.


Global challenges need a mix of diverse solutions and partners.

Over the years, we have developed five core capabilities that give us reach and flexibility, and help us advance our mission.


We provide trusted space for dialogue among decision-makers and influencers to help advance ideas, set agendas, solve problems, and activate partnerships for action.
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We build smart campaigns to advocate for the UN, its priorities, and its unique value. Learn More


We use cutting-edge communications tools to reach new audiences, raise awareness, and inform debate. Learn More


We incubate initiatives that bring sectors together to advance the SDGs and solve challenges at scale. Learn More


We mobilize financial resources for the UN, leverage our resources to attract new support, and enable private individuals, corporations, and philanthropies to contribute to the UN and its causes. Learn More