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Celebrating World Environment Day

By Hilary French on June 5, 2013

Today marks the 40th time that the world has come together to raise awareness of critically important issues on World Environment Day. This year’s theme, Think Eat Save: Reduce Your Foodprint, zeroes in on an issue that all people, from all walks of life, from all the countries in the world, can relate to and understand.

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What’s Up With the Weather? 24 Hours of Climate Reality Kicks Off Tonight!

By Negin Janati on November 14, 2012

Overheard on post-Hurricane Sandy news reports, a New Jersey resident noted, “I’ve experienced three ‘once-in-a-hundred-years’ storms in the last 18 months!” Something is up.

Dirty Energy pollution is heating up our climate, and we end up with Dirty Weather. Climate disruption affects us all, and it will take all of us together to solve it.

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