Continuing in our weekly series on important global news stories in the support of the United Nations and the causes it champions, here is a list of stories to get your week started. Check the UN Foundation blog for more from us on UN peacekeeping, the Paris Climate Agreement signing ceremony, the measles outbreak in Sierra Leone, and other important issues. 

“No place for rapists in peacekeeping,” by Peter Yeo, LA Times: In this op-ed, Yeo, the head of the Better World Campaign, calls for the UN to show unshakeable resolve to stopping sexual abuse and exploitation by UN peacekeepers. 

“Bono: I Will Follow,” by Ellen McGirt, Fortune: McGirt describes how Bono is more than a celebrity fundraiser for causes related to poverty and global health; he is a wonky social good powerhouse who is driving global conversations to end poverty, AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and more.

“Paris climate deal to be signed by over 130 countries at UN ceremony,” by the Associated Press: The AP provides details on the signing ceremony for the Paris Climate Agreement, which will take place on Earth Day, April 22, at UN Headquarters in New York City.

“Hunger, power cuts in Zimbabwe, Zambia as lake level hits record low,” by AFP: AFP details how the world’s largest man-made lake has a record low volume, which is significantly affecting Zimbabwe and Zambia’s hydroelectric power production and fishing industry.

“U.N. parachutes food into Syrian city besieged by Islamic State,” by Tom Miles, Reuters: Miles reports on UN World Food Program efforts to feed Syrians in Deir al-Zor through airdropped food supplies. 

“Sierra Leone on high alert amid new Ebola cases in Liberia and Guinea,” by AFP: In light of new Ebola cases that have sprung up in Liberia and Guinea, the AFP describes how Sierra Leone is taking precautionary measures.

“Kerala fire tragedy: Temple ignores ban, fireworks show leaves over 100 dead, 400 injured,” by Shaju Philips, the Indian Express: Philips reports on the tragic fire at a temple in Kollam on Sunday, April 10.

[Photo: World Food Programme]