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Make Peace a Priority

By Peter Yeo
February 24, 2014

The countdown is on: President Obama will release next year’s budget request to Congress in less than two weeks – and considering Congress recently voted to slash UN Peacekeeping funding for FY14, we’ve got some serious ground to make up.

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Standing with UN Peacekeepers

By Guest Blogger
January 17, 2014

Well, this is certainly not how I wanted to start 2014: This week, Congress sent President Obama a final spending bill for the rest of the year that underfunds United Nations peacekeeping by 12 percent, cuts funds for vital missions like South Sudan, and zeroes out funding for the newest UN mission in Mali.

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12 Inspiring Nelson Mandela Quotes

By Jenni Lee
July 18, 2013

Every July 18, the world celebrates Nelson Mandela International Day – a day to recognize Mandela’s contributions to freedom, equality, and human rights and to follow his example of service to build a better world.

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A Message to Congress amid Possible Funding Cuts to UN & Peacekeeping

By Peter Yeo
March 27, 2013

Under UN peacekeeping, it is individuals from other countries who assume great personal risk, as evidenced by the recent kidnapping of 21 Filipino peacekeepers in the Golan and the deaths of four Russian peacekeepers in Congo. Despite these significant occupational hazards, UN peacekeepers remain central to efforts like those that advance democracy in places like Liberia and strengthen government capacity and prevent conflict in South Sudan. It is therefore crucial that our nation fully fund our peacekeeping dues.

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