Did you know that half the world’s population is under 30, making today’s youth generation the largest in history?

Today’s young people have inherited pressing challenges, from climate change to human rights abuses to unstable economies. Despite unprecedented challenges, they’ve displayed unprecedented skills. They are informed, connected via social media, and savvy, looking for global solutions for global problems.

Today, on International Youth Day, the UN Foundation is celebrating young people by launching GenUN, a new platform for youth to work together for the world they want by connecting with the United Nations. We’re connecting a generation of advocates and asking them to say, “I’m GenUN!”

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GenUN is a national initiative of UNA-USA to make it easy for young people to join the UN in solving some of the world’s most important challenges. As an action-driven platform, GenUN not only provides a vehicle to get involved in global issues, but also empowers a new generation of Americans to be leaders in helping the UN build a better world for all. Continuing the momentum of UNA-USA’s 70-year tradition of mobilizing Americans, GenUN represents our commitment to the full civic participation and inclusion of young people.

Log on to genun.unausa.org to find updates on four pressing issue areas: energy and climate, empowering girls and women, peace and security, and global health. After diving in and engaging online with the UN’s vital work on these topics, young people can take the next step offline as ambassadors for the UN in their local communities. Young people can also start a campus chapter or meet with their members of Congress to demand full support of the UN.

Today’s young people are ready and willing to get to work on solving critical global challenges. Working closely with UN through GenUN, young people can start to build the future that they want and a better world for all.