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5 things you should know about tuberculosis

By Eric Porterfield on October 23, 2013

Nearly 20 years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared tuberculosis (TB) a global public health emergency. Today, according to WHO’s 2013 Global TB report, much progress has been made toward the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goal (MDG 6) of reducing the spread of TB, although there is much more work to be done.

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5 reasons to care about polio

By Jenni Lee on October 22, 2013

A recent polio outbreak in the Horn of Africa serves as a reminder that this crippling disease still exists and is actively threatening children. While there is no cure for polio, vaccines protect children from the disease for life.

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6 Reasons to Care about Measles

By Jenni Lee on September 10, 2013

Growing up, my parents worried that I would tumble and break my arm or suffocate when I fell asleep in my mashed potatoes (true story); they never had to worry that I would contract measles because we had easy access to vaccines.

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Get a Shot. Give a Shot.

By Kathy Calvin on September 3, 2013

I woke up this morning eager to get my flu shot. Why? Thanks to a new partnership between Walgreens and the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, getting my flu shot means a lifesaving vaccine will be given to a child who needs it.

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Knocking out malaria one net at a time

By Chris Helfrich on July 30, 2013

As a father of two young boys, I look forward to life’s milestones. First steps, first words, first day of school – I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything in the world. Unfortunately, not all parents get the chance to celebrate such important milestones in their children’s lives.

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Teaming Up for Tanzania

By Rick Reilly on July 23, 2013

A few years ago, I traveled to Nigeria with Nothing But Nets. I visited communities that had already received anti-malaria bed nets from Nothing But Nets campaign supporters like you. But I also met families that are still in need. The difference was like night and day. In the communities blanketed by bed nets, malaria is dramatically on the decline. There, I met happy, proud mothers and smiling, energetic children.

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