Laura Turner Seydel (USA)

Chair, Captain Planet Foundation; Director, Turner Foundation

Laura Turner Seydel works with and supports organizations that address urgent challenges affecting the health, functionality and vitality of our life support system: our air, water, land, food, biodiversity and climate.

As chair of the Captain Planet Foundation, Laura guides the organization in its mission to empower and engage youth to become environmental stewards through hands-on experiential projects. She is a passionate board member of the Children & Nature Network, which helps children grow up realizing the many benefits that exposure to nature provides.

She fights for the health of our children as co-founder and chair of Mothers and Others for Clean Air, working to improve air quality for at-risk populations. She is a director of Environmental Working Group, a consumer advocacy organization that works to keep toxins out of food, products, water and air.

She serves on the board of Project Drawdown, which focuses on measuring the top scalable solutions to address global warming. Laura also works to address the extinction crisis as a Patron of Nature with the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Laura co-founded Chattahoochee Riverkeeper to help protect the drinking water of more than 5 million Georgians. Since 1994, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper has raised over $28 million through thousands of donations; its actions have led to over $2.2 billion in water infrastructure improvements and have reduced sewage spills in the river by 99%. Laura works to achieve the same safe-water mission internationally as a board trustee for Waterkeeper Alliance (the consortium of over 300 waterkeepers worldwide).

To leverage and protect important environmental policies that protect the air, water, land and especially climate, Laura serves as vice chair of the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund.

Additional organizations she serves include the Turner Foundation, Nuclear Threat Initiative, JST Foundation and the Turner Endangered Species Fund. She is a member of Atlanta Rotary, and she serves on the Carter Center Board of Councilors and on the advisory board for the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.

She lives with her husband, Rutherford, in Atlanta in the first LEED-certified gold residence in the United States. They have three children.