UN Reform and Innovation

Today’s global challenges are testing the UN and international institutions in unforeseen ways. Changing patterns of conflict and humanitarian crisis demand a more agile UN. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires collective commitment and action in new and scaled ways. The toughest issues we face, from climate change to the evolving nature of work, will need fresh and imaginative solutions.

As the UN undertakes new and comprehensive reforms, the UN Foundation seeks to galvanize support from across communities, so the UN is better able to deliver on its work for people and planet. We also highlight examples of innovation across the UN system, and stimulate and connect fresh thinking about wider multilateral innovation.

innovation in action

Learn how the UN is changing, innovating, and partnering to do its work better and improve peoples’ lives around the world.

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Understanding the UN’s reform agenda

Learn about UN development system reform to help countries better deliver on the SDGs.

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The UN and the digital future

Learn about the Secretary-General’s expert panel on digital cooperation.

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