Strengthening Citizen Participation in Global Governance

This challenge paper — “Strengthening Citizen Participation in Global Governance” — argues that the Summit of the Future in September 2024 should be used to move beyond piecemeal approaches to civic engagement. The paper’s authors explore various options to enhance inclusivity and propose concrete recommendations for the Summit of the Future, as well as the next cycle of international cooperation, which will include the UN’s 80th anniversary in 2025, the election of the next Secretary-General in 2027, and negotiations for a new agenda to carry us beyond the 2030 deadline of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The paper recommends:

  • A renewed commitment to informing global citizens in an age of division and polarization
  • More systematic efforts to understand people’s opinions, ideas, and values, strengthened participation for civil society
  • Regular use of a citizens’ assembly as a deliberative body at a global level


Maiara Folly is the Executive Director and Co-founder of Plataforma CIPÓ, a Brazil-based think tank dedicated to issues of climate change, sustainable development and global governance. She is also part of the editorial team of Blue Smoke, an initiative led by the United Nations Association UK, Strategy for Humanity and Plataforma CIPÓ to promote greater accountability and transparency within the United Nations, especially with regards to elections and appointments to senior positions within the organization.

Andrea Ordóñez Llanos is co-founder and Senior Research Fellow of Southern Voice, a network of over 60 think tanks from Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Asia leveraging southern evidence and analysis to promote fair global development debates. She was previously Research Director at Grupo FARO, a think tank in Ecuador. Her main research interests are social policy, public finance, financing for development and international cooperation. Her aim is to ensure that new voices and ideas from the Global South are heard across regions. She is a member of Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office’s International Development Expert Group and of the International Scientific Advisory Board of the German Institute of Development and Sustainability and a board member of Publish What You Fund.

Aishwayra Machani is the UN Advocacy Co-lead at the Iswe Foundation. She was previously the Convenor of the UN Foundation Next Generation Fellows. She helped to launch the Unlock the Future coalition, which brings together over 20 of the world’s biggest youth driven organizations, and led a process to gather inputs from young people worldwide for the UN Secretary-General’s landmark Our Common Agenda report. She also co-authored Our Future Agenda — a complimentary report setting out young people’s vision and plan for a reinvigorated multilateral system.

David Steven is a senior fellow at the UN Foundation, where he led a team of partners supporting Our Common Agenda, the Secretary-General’s vision for the future of multilateralism. David now leads the UN Foundation’s work on the future of multilateralism, which is currently focused on the Summit of the Future, to be held in September 2024. Recent publications include Multilateralism for the Future: New Challenges, New Models, New Solutions for the T20 India; From Justice for the Few to Justice for All; and the Next 8 Billion, a presentation for a special session at the 23rd International Futures Conference.

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