Climate, Energy, and Environment

Climate change poses the most urgent and far-reaching collective action challenge of our time, and to meet it demands that we solve the fundamental global energy, natural resource, political, and diplomatic challenges at its core.

The climate threat is not new, and some important progress has been made in recent years. But much more is needed to put the planet on a sustainable trajectory. Starting now.

That is why the UN Foundation is working with the United Nations and other partners to fulfill the promise of the Paris Agreement, galvanize climate action across sectors and communities, bring clean energy solutions to global energy access and health challenges, and ensure the health of the world’s natural environment and ecosystems. Our Climate and energy team bring years of experience and a high-level knowledge across issues. Meet the team.


Learn how the world is stepping up to take climate action to the next level.

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U.S. Climate Alliance

A bipartisan coalition of U.S. governors is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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Investor Summit on Climate Risk

Investors and business leaders gather to examine the economic risks and opportunities of climate change.

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We work to defend, advance, and realize the potential of the Paris Agreement in many ways. We deploy in-house experts in climate negotiations and diplomacy, and spur strategic multilateral cooperation through the design and execution of high-impact dialogues, workshops, and strategy sessions with the UN, national and sub-national governments, the private sector, and the environmental community.

We incubate and build smart initiatives, partnerships, and large-scale events that are essential to driving climate progress, including the bipartisan U.S. Climate Alliance, the Global Climate Action Summit, and the Investor Summit on Climate Risk.

We make progress toward the UN’s goal of a clean energy future for all by driving clean energy deployment through our Energy Access Practitioner Network and Mini-Grids Partnership; enabling and championing clean energy solutions to tackle the challenge of health clinic electrification through Powering Health Care; and supporting Sustainable Energy for All.

We support the advancement and effective communication of climate science through a multi-year partnership with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other allies.

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Pete Ogden

Vice President, Energy, Climate, and the Environment

Jem Porcaro

Senior Director, Energy Access

Ryan Hobert

Senior Director, Energy and Climate

Emma Cronin

Special Assistant, Energy & Climate

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