UN Foundation Launches Fund to Support United Nations’ Ebola Response

Funds Raised Will Help The World Health Organization And Other UN Entities Provide Urgently Needed Aid To Affected Countries.

Washington, D.C.

September 12, 2014


Serena Jiwani

Today, the United Nations Foundation, in coordination with UN partners, announced a special fund that will enable individuals, corporations and civil society organizations to directly support UN entities engaged in the Ebola outbreak response in West Africa.

The scale of the ongoing Ebola outbreak is unprecedented, with more than 4,700 cases and over 2,400 deaths reported, primarily in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak a Grade 3 emergency – its most severe designation – and has deployed almost 500 experts to the region to supplement country-based staff.

WHO is working with the governments of affected countries, as well as other UN entities, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and non-governmental organizations, to coordinate and harmonize support for the outbreak response.

On August 28, WHO launched a roadmap for stopping Ebola transmission and treating those infected with Ebola virus. The UN estimates that $600 million is needed to fully fund the Ebola outbreak response, with $490 million needed specifically for WHO’s roadmap.

“The Director-General of WHO and other experts have emphasized that we can halt this deadly outbreak with appropriate resources and political will,” said Kate Dodson, Vice President of Global Health for the United Nations Foundation. “In this time of crisis, the UN Foundation wants to channel as much support as possible to the UN’s efforts on Ebola. For this reason, we established the Ebola Response Fund to offer a simple way for virtually anyone to contribute directly to these efforts.”

Contributions to the UN Foundation Ebola Response Fund will be channeled exclusively to UN entities. The Fund will initially direct donations principally to WHO, given its significant funding needs. Donations will support WHO in providing technical assistance to governments of Ebola-affected countries, through field coordinators, epidemiologists, infection prevention and control experts, data managers and logisticians. They will also be used to procure supplies, such as personal protective equipment and chlorine.

To learn more about the Ebola Response Fund, visit www.unfoundation.org/ebolafund
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