Samantha Power Brings Right Drive to Advance U.S.-UN Relations, Says UN Foundation President

Washington, D.C.

July 23, 2013


Megan Rabbitt

Kathy Calvin, president and CEO of the United Nations Foundation, today praised the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on the endorsement of Samantha Power as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. In a statement, Calvin said:

“In endorsing Samantha Power, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has acted in support of a strong U.S.-UN relationship. This is great news for the eight in 10 Americans who say it is in America’s best interest to continue actively supporting the UN.

“Samantha Power will be a tough, passionate advocate for our nation, with a fierce moral compass: A close advisor to the President, she was a key influencer in the decision for the U.S. to rejoin the Human Rights Council so that we could better stand up for our allies and direct the world’s focus to the most critical human rights challenges. Moreover, she has put a needed spotlight on civilian protection, including recently in Libya, and been outspoken when the world has been too slow to respond to atrocities.

“As Samantha Power noted previously, the United States has a ‘critical role to play in insisting that the UN meet the necessities of our time. It can do so only with American leadership.’ Leadership means, in part, sharing the responsibilities and burdens as full members of the United Nations, including financial support.  We now look to Ms. Power to continue a legacy in which the United States has paid its dues to the UN, ensuring that American interests remain protected. This is the pathway to further the UN’s vital work on behalf of peace, security, global health, and human rights around the world.

“On the heels of such an important vote in the Committee, the United Nations Foundation and its sister organization the Better World Campaign urge the full Senate to follow in short order.”


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