Next week, leaders from business, civil society, and other sectors will gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss global changes, challenges, and opportunities.

A conversation this important needs everyone’s attention. You can make your voice heard by participating in a special conversation called “You+Davos+SocialGood” on Tuesday, January 14.

Organized by the +SocialGood community, this conversation will allow anyone, anywhere to share ideas, highlight important issues, and call for action in the lead up to Davos.

Throughout the day, thought leaders will discuss the future we want to see in 2030 and how we can drive progress to get there, including by working with the United Nations on the Millennium Development Goals and the next set of development goals.

We want you to be part of this conversation. In fact, we need you to be part of this conversation. Overcoming global challenges will require the ideas of people from all sectors and all parts of the world.

Joining the conversation is easy: all you need is your computer and your perspective. Visit plussocialgood.org to get the schedule and more information, and join us on social media using the hashtags #2030Now and #WEF.

As someone who supports the UN and cares about international issues, we value your view and hope to hear from you.