Next week from May 23-28, more than 3,000 delegates from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 194 Member States and partner organizations will gather in Geneva, Switzerland to participate in the largest health policy meeting in the world: the 69th World Health Assembly.

The resolutions, policy, and budget decisions made next week will shape how countries tackle issues that touch the lives of billions of people – issues like climate change and health, antimicrobial resistance, how we respond to disasters, how we confront outbreaks like Ebola, and much more.

For the third year, the United Nations Foundation and +SocialGood are partnering with WHO to produce one of the biggest events at the Assembly: World Health +SocialGood, which will run daily from May 24–May 26 at 10:00–10:45 a.m. EST (4:00–4:45 p.m. Geneva time). The three-day livestream is your ticket to the 69th WHA and will offer an exclusive look behind-the-scenes and interactive conversations with experts about key health issues driving the discussions of the day, including:

Antimicrobial Resistance (May 24): Antimicrobial resistance is a tremendous problem and has the potential to affect everyone, and yet, it is an issues many people know the least about. Learn about how countries are working to prevent and tackle antimicrobial resistance and how different sectors, like the food and agricultural industry, can make a difference.

The Sustainable Development Goals (May 25): Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and health, including how countries must address issues such as air pollution, universal health coverage, non-communicable diseases like diabetes, access to medicines, and the global healthcare workforce.

Emergency Reform and Response (May 26): Since the Ebola outbreak, WHO has worked diligently to ensure that countries and health workers are prepared and ready for future emergencies. During this session, you will hear about how WHO works in health and disaster emergencies, with a closer look at the current Zika and yellow fever outbreaks and the crises in Yemen and Syria. This session will also delve into the issue of mental health in emergencies.

What do you want to know about the topics above? Submit your questions this week using #SocialGood and #WHA69 and make YOUR voice heard on health issues that matter most to you.

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