Reading the news can be depressing, but that doesn’t mean global progress isn’t happening. Even though it doesn’t often make the headlines, the international community is coming together to act on some of our major challenges – and it’s working.

In many ways, lives are getting better because people came together at the UN to collaborate and act. While it’s easy to focus on everything wrong in the world, let’s not forget the wins. And let’s be inspired by them to keep working.

In 2018, we partnered with UN Dispatch for a special podcast series to share three stories of success in international cooperation. We hope you’ll take a moment to listen, reflect, and get energized to continue to work together and with the UN for a better world.

When UN Peacekeeping Works: The Story of the United Nations Mission in Liberia

In March, the UN peacekeeping mission came to a close after 15 years. UN Dispatch’s Mark Goldberg describes this episode as, “the story of how UN Peacekeepers partnered with the people and government of Liberia to help transform the country from one of the bleakest places on the planet, to one of the more hopeful today.”

The Inside Story of How India Eliminated Polio 

India was once considered one of the toughest countries to stop polio. But in 2014, India was declared polio-free. As the world inches closer to eradicating polio, learn how India and partners came together to tackle polio with innovation and determination – ultimately prevailing against this debilitating disease.

The Inside Story of How the World Closed the Hole in the Ozone Layer

Remember the hole in the ozone? It’s healing, thanks to countries coming together at the UN under the Montreal Protocol. Learn about how one of the world’s most successful environmental treaties came about – protecting the planet and human health.