Video is one of the most compelling and immersive mediums of storytelling, and one that is powerful in stimulating people to act. Over the past several months, organizations such as UNICEF, GOOD Magazine, and the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign have created moving, and motivating, videos that tell the story of global challenges and global solutions. Here are five inspirational videos.

Shot@Life Supports United Nations’ Efforts to Provide Global Childhood Vaccines

Often related to distance and hardship in transit, many parents in developing countries will overcome tremendous obstacles for the chance to vaccinate their children. This video from Shot@Life follows the journey of the vaccine and a parent in a remote village in Haiti.

Harvesting Hope for the Future

“When our children have school meals, they stay in school and have the nutrition to learn. That’s why the United Nations World Food Programme connects schools to us – we, the local farmers.” As this video from WFP USA shows, through the work of WFP, homegrown school meals provide fresh, locally-sourced ingredients so children in school can succeed and farmers can thrive.

Will You Stand With Eva?

Eva Tolage is 15 years old. Her village in Tanzania asked the government to help provide clean water to her community, but they never received a reply. Eva’s voice deserves to be heard. The ONE Campaign asks you to #StandWithEva.


Meet Sophia. She represents the children in crisis situations who are too often forgotten. This is her story, shared by UNICEF Sweden, to remind us that we can’t leave vulnerable children behind.

What is the World’s Deadliest Animal? | GOOD

There’s a lot of hype around how deadly sharks are, that’s for sure. But can you guess what animal is actually the most dangerous to humans? The answer provided in GOOD Magazine’s recent Data Vizeo may surprise you. Watch this data visualization highlight 15 lethal creatures who account for millions of human fatalities per year.