Athletes, actors, and rock stars are often hailed as heroes, but every day, countless stories of humanitarian heroes go untold.

On August 19, World Humanitarian Day, the United Nations and people around the world are sharing those stories:

  • The volunteer who carried an injured man in Nepal on his back to receive medical care after the earthquake;
  • The aid worker who helped empower girls in Afghanistan through skateboarding;
  • The first responder who rescued a baby from the rubble of Syria, and many other stories of ordinary people performing extraordinary acts of courage to help people in need.

These stories need to be told – and they need to be heard.

Right now, the humanitarian system is stretched like never before. The number of emergencies, from natural disasters to conflicts, continues to grow, and more than 100 million people need assistance this year. At the same time, international funding is not keeping up and many humanitarian workers have been attacked as they try to provide help.

All of us can use our voices to help raise awareness and support for humanitarian work – and the amazing people behind it – by joining the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to #ShareHumanity.

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