Today’s youth need quality education to become global and financially literate citizens, and UNA-USA is now on the forefront of providing these resources. Along with our greater goal to educate and inspire Americans on the vital work of the United Nations, we firmly believe in giving students the tools to become global citizens.

Because of this belief, I’m excited to tell you about a new education curriculum we are launching in collaboration with PwC U.S. called the Economics of Globalization. While addressing national standards in education such as Common Core and Global Competencies, the curriculum facilitates the development of skills that will help in college and the workforce such as critical thinking, cross-cultural understanding, conflict resolution, and public speaking. global-citizenlarge

Through the curriculum, students will learn about the interdependence of global economies and develop an understanding of core financial principals. To
this end, each unit begins with an opportunity for students to explore personal finance using the PwC Earn Your Future Curriculum. Moreover, each
of the four sections — Finance, Globalization, Economics and Trade — culminates in a Model UN mini-simulation, an innovative, experiential learning
activity where students are challenged to represent the views of other countries, recall knowledge, defend positions, and truly understand the tenets of
financial literacy from a global perspective.

With this new and innovative curriculum, today’s youth will receive the resources they need to become global and financially literate citizens.Together with PwC, we hope to empower a new generation of students who will not only think globally and act locally, but also make financially responsible decisions and contribute to a healthier economy. I hope you will take a moment to check out the materials on our website, and share it with the students and teachers in your life.