I’ve been talking about climate change for a long time because I believe this is an issue we have to get right. Climate change is one of the world’s most serious problems – but moving to a cleaner energy future is also one of the world’s greatest business opportunities. Given the scale of the challenge – and the opportunity – we must act now to tackle climate change.

Today, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has brought together leaders from around the world and from government, business, and civil society for a Climate Summit to mobilize action. These leaders need to know that people around the world care about this issue.

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What happens today can lay a strong foundation for stepping up the global fight against climate change.

While the problem can sometimes seem overwhelming, we can turn things around – but we must move beyond climate talk to climate action. Each of us has a role to play: Raise your voice today for climate action.

By supporting the UN, we can make a difference for our planet and for each other.