Becoming a blogger was never something I anticipated.  It was not a dream of mine. I was not even keenly aware of this social media space or the profound depth of people that are involved with it until a few months before I started.  To say that my evolution to blogging as a hobby, a new found passion, and now as my sole career was a surprise would be… an understatement.

Except that once you start in this space, and begin to find your voice….it really should be no surprise. Because this space is made up of people.  With so many backgrounds, experiences, dreams, and voices. Just like in our real lives, our virtual life becomes filled with interactions…blog posts, comments, tweets, Facebook, or Instagram messages. We share our secrets, our passions, our dreams.  We share our fears, our pain, and our frustration.

When I started this journey, I had an in real life friend that could not fathom why I would be sharing my innermost thoughts so publicly with people that I did not even know.  It was incomprehensible to her that I would share those parts of me that I had not even talked about “in real life.”

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