When you are on board a plane, carry-on safely tucked away, the world sure seems like a small place at 35,000 feet. But as you soar above the earth, consider the BIG role we all play in making it a better place.

There are many problems facing the world today — but also many solutions. The key is raising awareness and taking action.

Virgin Produced, the film and television production arm of the Virgin Group, focuses on telling compelling stories in new and innovative ways. Now Virgin Produced is thrilled to join the United Nations Foundation to help take the United Nation’s story of social good to new heights. Our exciting collaboration will highlight key global issues such as malaria prevention and energy access through dynamic public service announcements in the LIFE block on our Virgin Produced Channel on board all Virgin America flights.

Virgin America passengers will learn more about the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign to fight malaria in Africa and the Sustainable Energy for All initiative led by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. UN Foundation founder Ted Turner and Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson are innovative philanthropists in their own right; now, every flyer can commit to making the world a better place, too. Whether they give $10 to send a family in Africa a life-saving bed net, spread the buzz on Facebook or Twitter, or tell their friends and families, they can make a difference.

Check out the UN Foundation PSAs in the LIFE block on the Virgin Produced Channel on board all Virgin America flights. Like what you see? Let us know on Twitter @VIRGINproduced and @unfoundation and use the hashtag #UNspotting.

Not catching a flight right away? Check out the PSA for Nothing But Nets and Sustainable Energy for All and let us know what you think!