Liberia is a country where low literacy rates and poverty are among the many challenges in the transition from war to stability. About 85 percent of adults are unable to read and/or write and unaware of the important roles girls can play in the development of communities and societies.

The girls in the Girls United program are working to improve their creative and language skills to effectively speak out to other girls. Their poetry is shared with girls in Liberian schools and neighborhoods.

The Girls United — Liberia program began with inspiration from the progress of Girls United — Haiti.

It is based on the “Full-Circle Learning” model of transformative education. “As one of the first of its kind in Liberia, the program has surprised us with is impact,” said facilitator Davison Efetobore. “News of its positive influence and importance has spread across communities and households in Liberia like wildfire.”

The upcoming blog series hosted by our Girl Up campaign will introduce the creative works of a few of the 95 girls currently enrolled in Girls United — Liberia.

They have begun a special movement, with guidance from their facilitators, to advance the United Nations goal of preventing of child marriage. You will see the strength of girls who seek to improve their communities by sharing hope.

They are learning to become the eyes and ears of the people, in pursuit of a better life for their peers. All these voices are uniting as advocates of the oppressed and as future leaders of Liberia.

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