pressfellowshere-largeThe United Nations Foundation is committed to working with our colleagues in the media to share information and build understanding about some our generation’s most pressing issues. Part of that commitment is a series of media fellowships that connect with our partners, their stories, and journalists around the world. There is tremendous vale in bringing these groups together as people gather for important meetings like the UN General Assembly.

These fellowships provide journalists from around the world an opportunity to meet with high-level experts to learn about global issues—from climate change to children’s health challenges—and what the UN and its partners are doing to tackle them.

Below are the links with details for each of the fellowships. The application deadlines for the press fellowships are August 12.

UN General Assembly/Global Issues Press Fellowship (September 20-23):

Virtual Climate Fellowship (September 3) for journalists based in Europe, Asia, and Africa:

New York Climate Fellowship (Sept 15-17) for journalists based in U.S.

Please consider applying for these fellowships or forwarding them to friends in the media. Together we can help tell the most important stories of our time.