The Ebola outbreak in West Africa – the worst in the history of the disease – has claimed more than 2,400 lives and continues to spread. Countries hit by this disease need more resources: more health care workers, more beds, more protective equipment, and more ambulances.

The United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) and other UN agencies have mobilized to provide assistance to those in need, and WHO has developed a roadmap that aims to contain the virus in six to nine months.

The Director-General of WHO and other experts have emphasized that we can halt this deadly outbreak if the UN and its partners have the appropriate resources. Here are two ways you can help.

1.    Donate. Donate to the UN Foundation’s Ebola Response Fund to support the life-saving efforts of UN agencies including WHO. Funds will be used to obtain supplies, such as personal protective equipment and chlorine, and to provide technical assistance to the governments of Ebola affected countries. Visit: www.unfoundation.org/ebolafund

2.    Raise your voice. WHO is playing a vital role in responding to the outbreak and needs our support. Our own U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rely on a strong working relationship with WHO. And while the U.S. has made clear that it is committed to resolving this outbreak, we cannot do it alone.

We need WHO, and it’s important that Congress knows that so that it continues to fully fund this vital agency. Sign this petition to let your members of Congress know that you stand with WHO and fully support its efforts in combating Ebola and other deadly diseases.