This Note is inspired by Shot@Life, United Nations Foundation movement to protect children worldwide by providing life-saving vaccines in developing countries.

For every comment left on this post, $20 will be donated to help save a child in need.

31 bloggers, one on each day in August, are writing about people from our communities who inspire us. Today, I’m honored to take my turn with the baton to help. $20 is what it costs to give one child four life-saving vaccines to help protect them against measles, pneumonia, diarrhea and polio – and with your comment, not only are you saving a child, but you’re also making a difference for the child’s mother and family.

What I love about this Shot@Life campaign is the fact that anyone with a computer can save a life through leaving a simple comment that spreads the word. So today, I’m writing about a few of the many female leaders who I have admired over the years for their dedication to philanthropy and efforts to empower people who don’t have a voice. Despite their success, each of these women strongly believe that anyone can make a difference – money, age, or social status are not necessary for impactful giving

.