From Mali to Mexico, Senegal to Sri Lanka, Uganda to the UK – people from every region of the world are coming together as action/2015. action/2015 is made up of the many individuals, organizations, and diverse groups that are united by the common belief that the decisions taken in 2015 are critical for our future. Together, as a global movement of citizens, we will raise our voice today for the generations of tomorrow.

What can you do to get involved with the launch of action/2015? Here are 10 ideas:

  1. Email this list to 15 friends and get them involved in the movement. Today is the day to act!
  2. Tweet your support for the action/2015 movement using #action2015
    • Tweet this: We cannot rest: We need to do more, faster, if we want to be the generation to end poverty in all its forms. #action2015
    • Tweet this: Join us to call for an end to inequalities around the world. 2015 is the year of change. #action2015
    • Tweet this: We must ask world leaders to tackle climate change before more vulnerable communities are put at risk. #action2015
  3. Change your profile picture on Facebook to show your support of action/2015. See images below.
  4. Join one of these Google+ Hangouts on January 15
  5. Join one of these Twitter chats hosted by @unfoundation on January 15
    • Innovation for Global Change
    • Climate: People and the Planet
    • Health and Happiness for Moms and Babies
    • Health: Reproductive and Maternal Health
    • Energy: 2015 and Beyond
    • Nothing but Nets: The Movement to Defeat Malaria
    • Children’s Health: Healthy Children Healthy Future
    • Wrap-up: Share Why You Care
  6. Share the action/2015 Storify page:
  7. Write a letter to your newspaper’s editor about “why 2015 is the year for action”
  8. Share “why you care about #action2015” on your social media channels
  9. Write a blog post and share it on Twitter using #action2015
  10. Post one of these images on your tumblr!