Making an Impact, One Tweet @ a Time

By Erin Dunne on June 10, 2012

Much like how comic book fans have Comic-Con, people like me who live and breathe social media in the international development field have Social Good Summit and now Rio+Social. Nothing gets me more excited than using the power of social media, especially Twitter, to connect people and create social good that will have the power to shape concepts and ideas that will change the world.

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Social good at 35,000 feet

By Jason Felts on June 7, 2012

When you are on board a plane, carry-on safely tucked away, the world sure seems like a small place at 35,000 feet. But as you soar above the earth, consider the BIG role we all play in making it a better place. There are many problems facing the world today — but also many solutions. The key is raising awareness and taking action.

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From relief to resilience

By Rajiv Shah on June 6, 2012

Over the past year, 13.3 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia were thrown into crisis as a result of drought in the Horn of Africa, the worst in 60 years. In response, the United States — together with the international community — spent more than $1.5 billion, saving millions of lives by providing access to food, water and basic health services.

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What’s a B’EarthDay Party?

By Caleb Tiller on May 31, 2012

At six years old, my son Travis surprises me fairly often. Last month, as we planned his birthday party, I got a surprise that made me really proud of him, and reminded me that our kids are sometimes way more ready to grow than we realize.

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South Sudanese Refugees Find Hope Amidst Chaos

By Chris Helfrich on May 31, 2012

The spot where we had stopped in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya wasn’t supposed to be anyone’s home. The open courtyard with shelters was intended for new arrivals to gather and aid workers to distribute water containers, blankets, and other supplies.

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The 65th World Health Assembly

By Eric Porterfield on May 30, 2012

The Sixty-fifth session of the World Health Assembly is took place in Geneva from May 21–26, 2012. At this session, the Health Assembly is discussing a number of public health issues such as universal health coverage, noncommunicable diseases, nutrition, the Millennium Development Goals, adolescent pregnancy, polio eradication, research and development, International Health Regulations, and the WHO reform process.

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On Its Birthday, UN Peacekeeping Gives Back

By Peter Yeo on May 29, 2012

Today, United Nations Peacekeeping celebrates a birthday. At 64, I think it’s safe to say that Peacekeeping is officially in its prime. Surely, with its years have come many hard-earned accomplishments. In fact, to date there have been 67 peacekeeping operations on four continents. But ever since its infancy, this historic—and indeed heroic—institution has been an overachiever.

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Hero Blue

By Patrick Madden on May 29, 2012

I’m painting a room in my house. Anyone who’s taken on a home project knows that picking a paint color can be a truly excruciating drill. I’ve got blue on the brain (there’s a fair amount of “UN Blue” found in our offices) but “UN Blue” isn’t an option from Sherman Williams.

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Stop the Pity: Unlock the Potential

By Chrysula Winegar on May 25, 2012

MAY 25th is AFRICA DAY: A holiday in most African nations that began as a call for freedom from colonialism, has become a celebration of African unity, potential and promise. MamaHope as an organization summed that up for us. With only two staff in the U.S. fundraising and local teams on the ground in communities throughout Africa working on projects initiated by those same communities, this small and passionate non-profit team are redefining how we see Africa.

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Melinda Gates on #NoControversy Contraception

By Amie Newman on May 22, 2012

Access to contraception and family planning–tools to help women and families plan for the families they want and care for the families they have –is considered controversial in too many countries around the world. But it’s not.

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