Working Together for a Positive Digital Future

New technologies are transforming how we live, learn, work, and connect with one another. COVID-19 is only accelerating this transformation and demonstrating how central digital access, skills, and tools are to our everyday lives. 

Yet the global pandemic also threatens to leave those who are not online—nearly half of the world—behind. COVID-19 has also given rise to greater threats in the digital world, from new forms of cyberattacks to invasive surveillance to human rights violations. The lack of clear rules has ushered in new risks to individuals, communities and societies at large that will not recede with the pandemic.

The world must rapidly scale up efforts to work together to use technology to tackle our most urgent shared problems and to realize a positive shared digital future. Countries, international organizations, companies, research communities, and civil society all have a role to play.

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how we advance technology and innovation

The UN Foundation’s work on technology and innovation aims to advance collective action and international cooperation to realize a positive digital future. We are committed to:

  • Promoting knowledge and understanding of new technologies
  • Convening critical actors on pressing questions raised by the global digital transformation
  • Working closely with UN partners to harness the benefits of innovation and new technologies


UN Foundation Insights

The UN Foundation has been working with the UN to ensure people around the world can use data and technology to improve their lives and communities. Read more about the our work on technology and innovation, and explore additional resources.

the UN’s work on these important issues

The UN is working to realize the benefits of new technologies and to mitigate their risks. At the same time, it is working to leverage new technologies and innovation to better deliver around the world.

Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Technology

Office that works across the UN and other stakeholders to advance digital cooperation.

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UN Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

The Secretary-General’s roadmap to advance a safer, more equitable digital world, one which will lead to a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

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UN Innovation Network

A community of UN innovators working to promote and advance innovation within the UN System.

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