Protectors of Progress


We’re at a make-or-break moment for global progress. While the world is healthier, more prosperous, and less violent than ever, progress is under threat and new challenges are emerging.

In this world, our task is clear: Keep pushing forward. Progress needs protectors.

While there is a lot of work to do, the good news is that a better world is possible if we act now. We have a plan through the Sustainable Development Goals, we have resources and solutions, and we have ways to work together through the UN and in our communities. What we need is the will.

People around the world are taking action to solve the world’s biggest challenges. “Protectors of Progress” shares the stories of everyday individuals who are making a difference for all of us.

Read their stories, get inspired, and join us in protecting progress!



Taking a stand for climate action

Abner has written over 100 letters to elected officials about the biggest threat facing his generation: the climate crisis. Read more.


Trailblazing the tech sector for women of color

A successful entrepreneur and developer, Rapelang is shaking things up for women in STEM . Read more.


Giving back to refugees through coffee

After losing everything as a young refugee, Manyang is now brewing change with his coffee business. Read more.


Taking her call for climate justice to the UN

For indigenous people like Ruth Miller, climate change is not only real—it’s affecting their lands and way of life.  Read more.


Felisa may be small, but her voice is mighty.

She’s met with members and staffers of Congress more than 200 times to defend funding for global vaccines.  Read more.


Standing up for girls’ education from Oregon to Capitol Hill

This high school student and self-proclaimed “huge nerd,” from Hood River, Oregon, is by all accounts a rockstar advocate for gender equality and education.  Read more.