Brazil: Climate & Biodiversity

UN Foundation press fellows visit Brazil.
Press fellows visit the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Photo: Michael Dantas

Ahead of COP 27 and Brazil’s presidential election, the UN Foundation hosted a press fellowship to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil for 10 journalists from around the world. The Fellowship was named in honor of the late Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, renowned ecologist and Senior Fellow for the UN Foundation who first popularized the term “biodiversity.” The program afforded fellows the opportunity to deepen their understanding of how climate change is impacting one of the world’s most important mega-forests — in addition to exploring the implications of politics and policy on the health of the rainforest, and the communities that depend on it for their livelihood and in some cases, their survival.

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From increasing the threat of disease to disrupting our global food chain, biodiversity loss across the globe is threatening the very foundation of our future and the well-being of everyone, everywhere.

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Meet 3 Women In Brazil Who Are Protecting the Amazon – And Indigenous Rights

During a UN Foundation press trip to Brazil last fall, we met three Indigenous women — a nurse, a journalist, and an activist — who are working to protect the Amazon and its original inhabitants in distinct and important ways.

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Biodiversity Explained: Facts, Myths, and the Race To Protect It

In light of a new global agreement to protect our lands, ocean, and waters, explore what biodiversity really means and what it will take to preserve life on Earth.

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