Support people need support people. Peace on Purpose equips UN development and humanitarian workers with tools to care for their own mental and physical well-being so they can effectively care for others.




Creating a better world is a job for us all – in the public and private sectors. The United Nations Foundation and lululemon share a commitment to making a positive impact around the world. We’ve joined forces to support UN workers in improving their mental health and well-being so they can create lasting, impactful change.




UN development and humanitarian workers are doing meaningful work in some of the most stressful and hostile conditions in the world. They’re responding to global conflicts, extreme poverty, and the climate crisis. These jobs often result in burnout and other physical and mental issues. Peace on Purpose gives UN workers the support they need so that they can continue to be effective changemakers.


Peace on Purpose gives UN workers on the frontlines of global challenges access to training and tools that can be easily implemented on the job, and that complement current UN mental health programs.



Practicing mindfulness cultivates presence, resilience, and well-being through simple tools that are based in breath, movement, and cultivating awareness – resources that are already within us.

For development and humanitarian workers, mindfulness doesn’t eliminate stress, trauma, or other difficulties but it helps them to better respond moment-to-moment in the face of adversity, rapid change, and stressful environments.

Research on the Peace on Purpose program suggests up to a 40% reduction of important psychological risk factors such as anxiety and depression, and an increase in overall well-being and resilience.





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Peace on Purpose: A partnership with the United Nations Foundation that provides UN development and humanitarian workers with training tools to counteract stress, strengthen leadership and build resiliency – through yoga and mindfulness training. To date, Peace on Purpose has reached more than 8,000 UN workers from 137 countries through its in-person and digital programs. lululemon is committing a further $1 million to scale over the next three years, which will provide access to over 35,000 UN employees.

Here to Be: Created in 2016, Here to Be is lululemon’s social impact program that ensures the transformative tools of yoga and meditation reach globally across social, economic, and physical barriers. Here to Be non-profit partners serve communities that face these barriers, and include survivors of violence, conflict, and trauma, individuals with an illness or disability, those who face systemic prejudice or bias, and at-risk youth.

UN Foundation: For more than 20 years, the UN Foundation has connected people, ideas, and resources to the UN to help improve well-being on a thriving planet. We build partnerships with diverse partners to support UN causes.