UN Foundation Statement on Biden Administration Announcement That U.S. Will Rejoin Paris Agreement

Washington, DC

January 20, 2021


Megan Rabbitt

United Nations Foundation Vice President for Energy, Climate, and the Environment Pete Ogden released the following statement in response to the Biden Administration’s announcement that the U.S. will rejoin the Paris Agreement:  

“President Biden’s announcement that the United States is rejoining the Paris Agreement on climate change is a vital step forward in both our country’s and the world’s efforts to combat this most urgent of threats. By rejoining the agreement, the United States is now once again in a position to help lead the global charge to confront the climate crisis.

“Now the Biden administration must focus on achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, which requires fulfilling the bold domestic and international climate agenda that President Biden has put forward. But the federal government need not – and cannot – do this alone: it can work with the United Nations and the 188 other countries that have joined the agreement, and it can count on the unprecedented leadership that has surged up from cities, states, civil society, and the private sector over the past four years to be indispensable partners in meeting the climate crisis. There is no time to lose.

“The UN Foundation stands ready to support the Biden Administration as it moves to rejoin the Paris Agreement and restore American leadership on climate.”