UN Foundation Congratulates Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Confirmation as U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Washington, DC

February 23, 2021


Megan Rabbitt

United Nations Foundation President and CEO Elizabeth Cousens issued the following statement on the confirmation of Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield as U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations:

The United Nations Foundation congratulates Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield on her confirmation as U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

“Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield’s decades of experience on the frontlines of American foreign policy make her exceptionally well-suited to lead the restoration of U.S. leadership and credibility at the UN.

“Not only does she appreciate the UN’s singular ability to foster the global cooperation essential to advancing U.S. interests, but she begins her tenure with a strong mandate from the American people. A recent poll found that more than 70 percent of Americans nationwide support U.S. engagement at the UN – they understand that America is safer and stronger when the U.S. works with allies and partners and leads on the world stage. Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield can move forward with confidence that Americans understand the U.S. cannot – and should not – go it alone.

“Today’s global crises demand global cooperation. It will take sustained diplomatic engagement at the UN to tackle the serious crises affecting Americans right here at home — from the pandemic, to the climate emergency, to the systemic inequalities that have robbed people of opportunity and dignity and blocked greater progress and prosperity for far too long.

“We can count on Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield to work with international partners to confront our collective challenges head on, and play an active role in ensuring the UN evolves with the demands of our era as an essential forum for collective problem-solving and catalyst for global progress.

“Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield has demonstrated an ability to lead with compassion, integrity and an unwavering commitment to bridging divides with mutual understanding and respect. She affirmed her commitment to values-based leadership in her confirmation hearing, listing support for democracy, respect for universal human rights and the promotion of peace and security among her top priorities.

“Hers is the leadership America needs at the UN at this critical moment for the U.S. and world. The UN Foundation stands ready to support Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield in the important work ahead.”