Statement from UN Foundation President and CEO Kathy Calvin on U.S. Decision to Withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

June 1, 2017


Megan Rabbitt

On behalf of Ted Turner and the United Nations Foundation Board, UN Foundation President and CEO Kathy Calvin today released the following statement on U.S. decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

The Paris Agreement is an historic agreement reached in 2015 to combat climate change with the goal of keeping global warming below 2°C above pre-industrial levels to limit the devastating effects of climate change around the world.

UN Foundation President and CEO Kathy Calvin said:

“The Administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement is a historic forfeiture of global leadership that is damaging to America’s economy, environment, and security.

“Since being negotiated in December 2015, countries, the private sector, and other actors around the world have rallied around the Paris Agreement with unprecedented speed and scale.  Adopted by 194 countries and already formally joined by more than 140, the Paris Agreement outpaced virtually every global agreement of the modern age, a powerful sign of collective determination for bold and urgent climate action.

“As UN Secretary-General António Guterres said earlier this week, ‘Climate change is undeniable. Climate action is unstoppable. And climate solutions provide opportunities that are unmatchable.’ Fortunately, states, cities, businesses, and faith leaders across the country recognize this reality. They have made it loud and clear that they are committed to filling any void of federal leadership by redoubling their efforts to build a clean energy and resilient economy in the United States that is feasible, cost-effective, and will ultimately help meet our global climate challenge.”



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