Rio+Social Invites the World to Make History and Help Write the Next ‘6-Minute Speech’

Crowdsourced Conversation Poses The Questions: “How Should World Leaders Address The World’s Biggest Sustainability Challenges? How Do We Define ‘The Future We Want’? What Do You Have To Say?”

Washington, D.C.

May 30, 2012


Megan Rabbitt

Today the organizing of partners Rio+Social launched the “6-Minute Speech Project,” a platform for a worldwide dialogue around the upcoming Rio+20 Summit in support of the UN’s theme of “The Future We Want.” The project empowers people all over the world to submit videos via social media speaking to their vision of a more sustainable future. Select videos will be compiled into a new, globally crowdsourced speech reflecting our collective hopes and visions for a better world.

The concept for the 6-Minute Speech comes from a speech given at the original Rio Summit in 1992 by Severn Suzuki, a remarkable 12-year-old girl who expressed her concerns and hopes for the future of our planet and future generations. In her remarks, Severn called on leaders at the Rio Summit to act on the world’s environmental and sustainability problems of the time. Social media offers the chance to take this speech to new, global levels and engage people all over the planet around ways to use technology and innovation to help address the world’s biggest challenges.

This June, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20, will convene leaders to tackle the world’s sustainability challenges. This conversation is more relevant today than ever before. The 7 billion people of today’s world face even greater sustainability issues and have in their reach even greater opportunities to help resolve them. Never before have so many people been more connected to one another, to ideas and solutions as part of a global network and social media community. Through social media and technological innovation, people around the globe can leverage their networks and become a catalyst for action to define the world we want.

As part of the lead-up to the June 19 meetings of Rio+Social, the 6-Minute Speech Project welcomes worldwide participation, so everyone can be heard as part of the Rio+20 dialogue. Global citizens are invited to contribute to the 6-Minute Speech by incorporating one of the following hashtags into their posts across multiple social media channels: # RIOPLUSENERGY; #RIOPLUSFOOD; #RIOPLUSCITIES; #RIOPLUSWATER; #RIOPLUSWORK; #RIOPLUSOCEANS; #RIOPLUS6mins; #RIOPLUSWOMEN; #RIOPLUSSOCIAL.

Contributions will be accepted from May 30, 2012, to June 10, 2012 and then compiled into a unique, crowdsourced speech that will help redefine “The Future We Want” and how we can achieve it. To participate in and learn more about the 6-Minure Speech Project, visit

Within Brazil, the 6-Minute Speech Project is implemented locally as part of a partnership with the Abril Group’s Planeta Sustentável and MTV Brasil. Brazilian contributions will be automatically entered in the worldwide pool of contributions for the 6-Minute Speech, and MTV Brasil will choose one person to participate in-person at Rio+Social.

The completed speech will be revealed for the first time at Rio+Social, an innovative partnership with the United Nations Foundation, Mashable, 92nd Street Y, Ericsson, EDP, LiveAD, Planeta Sustentável, and the Abril Group. Rio+Social is a groundbreaking event that opens the Rio+20 conversation to everyone through the nexus of social media, technology, and sustainable development.

Tweet this: Join @rioplussocial, help write the next 6-Minute Speech, define the #FutureWeWant #RioPlus20

For more information on Rio+Social, including how to register, please visit:

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