Partnership supports journalism around new global development goals.

April 23, 2015


Megan Rabbitt

Cape Town (5 June 2015) – Journalists, media experts and social media influencers in six continents, including at least 33 countries, will receive trainings and tools; media capacity grants, and partnerships in the lead up to two pivotal summits happening later in the year: the United Nations summit in September that will see the adoption of the new Sustainable Development Goals, and the UN Climate Change Conference in December in Paris, which is aimed at reaching a universal climate agreement.

The initiative, designed to enhance global media engagement on what has been described as “one of the biggest communications challenge and opportunity of our generation,” is a partnership between United Postcode Lotteries, UN Foundation and the Thomson Reuters Foundation; and  was revealed at a special event in Cape Town coinciding with the World Economic Forum on Africa.

“The best help turning goals in to action is free, respectful, insightful and unpredictable journalism,” said Niclas Kjellström-Matseke, CEO Novamedia Sweden/United Postcode Lotteries.

The new global goalsbuild on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) — a commitment by the UN to increase peace and build a healthier global economy from 2000-2015 by focusing on major issues like poverty, children’s health, empowerment of women and girls, sustainable environment, disease, and development. When the next set of global goals covering 2016-2030 are finalized and adopted in September, the world will have the most comprehensive attempt in history to fight poverty and create prosperity while protecting the planet.

This year offers an unprecedented opportunity to set a course for a better future,” said Kathy Calvin, UN Foundation President &CEO. “With the support of Novamedia Sweden/United Postcode Lotteries, the UN Foundation and its partners will be able to ensure that an informed media is well-positioned to continue educating citizens, involving readers and viewers in two connected global processes that will shape the next 15 years ofinternational sustainable development.”

UN Foundation:

Novamedia Sweden/United Postcode Lotteries: Roger Magnergård,


recently announced initiatives and will focus on an innovative global training program for journalists, government and non-governmental leaders, and influencers ahead of the landmark United Nations Summits on sustainable development and climate change. The trainings, put on by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, will engage over 500 participants in 33 countries, providing them with information, tools and strategies to understand the complex issues surrounding the next set of UN global development goals. The program will enable reporters, editors and spokespeople to better understand, report on and communicate around key issues related to sustainable development and climate change negotiations.