Cooperation with the UN is Essential to U.S. Priorities and Advances State of the Union Goals

Statement By Un Foundation President Timothy E. Wirth On President Obama's State Of The Union Address

Washington, D.C.

January 25, 2011


Alexis Krieg

Timothy E. Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation, released the following statement this evening in response to President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address before Congress:

“President Obama tonight rightly stressed that the United States cannot lose sight of our international priorities if we are to make progress at home. To effectively address key domestic issues such as creating jobs, defining a new energy future, facing the deficit and shaping the future of the nation’s economy, we must also focus on the global aspects of issues that affect everyone, including Americans.  He reminded us that international cooperation and assistance are indispensable in protecting and advancing American interests around the globe.

“As we together focus on the challenges noted by President Obama, the United Nations remains essential for helping the U.S. reach its goals.  A strong UN is the world’s most effective voice for international cooperation on behalf of peace, development, human rights and the environment.  From fighting global diseases like polio and measles, to bringing food and clean water to the world’s poorest people, to establishing peace and security in some of the most volatile regions around the globe, no country can tackle these issues alone.  These are just a few examples of the UN’s work that increases the world’s prospects for progress and prosperity and aligns perfectly with U.S. interests.  The cooperation of the UN remains one of the best values for U.S. taxpayer dollars as it brings together our partners in the international community to harness innovation, prioritize key goals and advance our shared priorities.”


About the United Nations Foundation 
The United Nations Foundation, a public charity, was created in 1998 with entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner’s historic $1 billion gift to support UN causes and activities.  We build and implement public/private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems, and work to broaden support for the UN through advocacy and public outreach.  Through our campaigns and partnerships, we connect people, ideas, and resources to help the UN solve global problems.  These campaigns focus on reducing child mortality, empowering women and girls, creating a new energy future, securing peace and human rights, and promoting technology innovation to improve health outcomes.  These solutions are helping the UN advance the eight global targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  For more information, visit