September 14, 2021

WBG Vendor Forum for Woman-Owned and Minority-Owned Businesses in North America and Europe



Date & Time

September 14, 2021
8:00AM EDT - 10:00AM EDT


The World Bank Group (WBG) Corporate Procurement unit will be holding an engaging virtual presentation to help woman- and minority-owned businesses in North America and Europe learn how to do business with the WBG, what they purchase, and what they are doing to include woman-owned and minority-owned businesses in their own supply chain. The event will highlight the role the WBG plays as an agent of change towards gender equality and women’s economic empowerment. Participants will hear from woman-owned and minority-owned businesses that currently work with the WBG as they share their insight and experience with Corporate Procurement practices and procedures. They will also hear details from WBG staff involved in procurements on what they buy, how they identify vendors, and what some upcoming needs may be.

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