June 2, 2024

UNA-USA Intergenerational Town Hall



Hamilton Hotel
Washington, DC

Date & Time

June 2, 2024
9:00AM EDT - 6:00PM EDT

On Sunday, June 2, UNA-USA will host a Town Hall to engage, empower, and elevate the voices of young people and future generations. Special roundtable sessions will allow attendees to hear from subject matter experts and weigh in on key issues that will be addressed in four of the five chapters that make up the Pact for the Future, like global governance, peace and security, and technology. An interactive Town Hall will focus on the Pact’s fifth chapter — empowering young people and future generations — and will foster a robust intergenerational dialogue among all UNA-USA champions who are contributing to the United Nations’ future.

UNA-USA is proud to have been selected as the main implementing partner in the United States for this Intergenerational Town Hall Series, led by the United Nations Foundation with support from the Unlock the Future Coalition, and to provide this unique opportunity for our members.

Different aspects of the UNA-USA Town Hall will be implemented during its annual Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. held June 2-4, 2024.