February 7, 2024

The UAE Framework For Global Climate Resilience: Insights from COP 28 and Future Perspectives

UN Foundation



Date & Time

February 7, 2024
10:00AM EDT - 11:15AM EDT

Join the UN Foundation to learn about the new UAE Framework for Global Climate Resilience. Experts will share their reflection on the adaptation outcomes of COP 28 and will preview what comes next for the framework in 2024.

The new UAE Framework for Global Climate Resilience uniquely positions climate change adaptation as a top priority for all nations. The framework’s adoption represents the culmination of two years of workshops and consultations with hundreds of government officials, scientists, and advocates. It expands on the Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA), which was established in the Paris Agreement in 2015, and is intended to improve our ability to measure the GGA — allowing the international community to take stock of progress on adaptation over time and maintain accountability for achieving the goal.

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