March 14, 2024

The Politics of Gender Data: Mobilizing Championship & Driving Political Will

Data2X, Government of Kenya


Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice

Date & Time

March 14, 2024
10:00AM EDT - 11:15AM EDT

Data2X and the Government of Kenya hosted an exploration of gender data as a political issue, asking how advocates, governments, and philanthropy alike can incentivize political prioritization, mobilize championship, and boost resourcing and accountability for gender data.

Taking national experiences as a point of departure, the discussion launched new research from Data2X, Local Development Research Institute, and FemDev Consulting mapping the political environment for gender data across thirty countries, with a particular focus on Africa. The conversation featured a fireside chat with Honorable Harriette Chiggai, Women’s Rights Advisor to the President of Kenya, who has worked for the last year to champion gender data at the highest levels of government.

Watch the Event Recording