September 10, 2021

The MPA Guide: A Framework to Achieve Global Goals for the Ocean



Date & Time

September 10, 2021
9:30AM EDT - 10:30AM EDT

The MPA Guide is a peer-reviewed study that will be published in the prestigious scientific journal Science in September, coinciding with this event. The Guide provides a new, consistent scientific framework to understand, plan, establish, evaluate, and monitor ocean protection in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). It promises to be a critical tool in removing confusion around what “protected” means, what “counts” as protected, and what outcomes we can expect from MPAs. This clarity comes at a critical time, as the global community is poised to make important decisions about ocean conservation, including at this year’s IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseilles, France, the UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow UK, and the Convention on Biological Diversity COP in 2022.

Contributors and authors of The MPA Guide include leading voices in tracking and understanding MPAs globally: United Nations Environment Programme, World Conservation Monitoring Centre, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the World Database on Protected Areas and Protected Planet, National Geographic Society Pristine Seas, the Marine Conservation Institute and the Marine Protection Atlas, and The MPA Project at Oregon State University.

We hope you will be able to join us, alongside MPA Guide authors and other leaders in global marine conservation.