September 20, 2021

The Green Blue Deal for the Middle East



Date & Time

September 20, 2021
9:00AM EDT - 11:00AM EDT

Hosted by EcoPeace Middle East

This event will begin with an overview of the impact of climate change in the region, and in particular within the Jordan Valley. As a part of the Green Blue Deal, EcoPeace Middle East will highlight the investment project aimed to demonstrate the attractiveness of the Jordan River Valley for private-sector impact investment. EcoPeace sees this as an opportunity to serve as a connection between the private sector and local projects in the region that are focused on environmentally friendly initiatives. In 2020, EcoPeace identified and supported 6 potential cases which demonstrate this approach. EcoPeace will present these projects with a special focus on regional projects, which demonstrate the potential to overcome differences and promote cooperation. The aim of this event is to bring awareness to environmental challenges the Middle East region faces and the potential of impact investment, demonstrated by the highlighted projects, to harness the private sector to pitch in to mediate these challenges. The hope is to spark discussion and involvement of those attending the event and to create relationships that will carry on once the event is over.