September 15, 2022

Solutions in Scarcity: Country Voices on Gender Data Financing

PARIS21, Data2X, UN Women, Open Data Watch



Date & Time

September 15, 2022
10:00AM EDT - 11:00AM EDT

Achieving SDG 5 and other gender-related targets within the SDG framework requires robust data systems that can only be established through smarter and sustainable investments in data. This necessitates renewed commitments among donors, governments, and partners and smarter solutions to mobilize resources, track financial flows, and strengthen country systems.

This is the second event in a series on Navigating the Landscape of Gender Data Financing led by PARIS21, Data2X, UN Women, and Open Data Watch. The first event, Solutions in Scarcity: Smart Financing for Gender Data, took place on 2 June and presented a collection of emerging solutions to overcome the political and technical barriers to financing gender data.

Organized on the sidelines of UNGA, this event will bring together country representatives, gender equality advocates, development data experts, and philanthropic institutions. The discussions, anchored by country experiences, will focus on identifying and scaling solutions to overcome chronic under investment in gender data and to build back better systems and build a coalition of supporters and an agreed set of actions among them.