October 24, 2023

Raising Ambition on Green Shipping to Achieve Zero by 2050

UN Foundation, Government of Panama, UNFCCC


In-Person and Online

Date & Time

October 24, 2023
9:00AM EDT - 10:00AM EDT

Join UN Foundation for an event on shipping entitled “Raising Ambition on Green Shipping to Achieve Zero by 2050” as part of Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2023. LACCW 2023 and all the Regional Climate Weeks provide a platform for policymakers, practitioners, businesses and civil society to exchange on climate solutions, barriers to overcome and opportunities realized in different regions.

Following the adoption of the IMO 2023 Greenhouse Gas Strategy that sets shipping on a course to net-zero close to 2050 with interim checkpoints of 20-30% reduction by 2030 and 70-80% reduction by 2040, this high-level roundtable will bring together policy makers, private sector and civil society from Latin America and the Caribbean on the need and opportunity to drive ambitious and effective mid term measures to achieve these targets at the IMO, whilst providing national and regional economic and industrial opportunities.