March 17, 2023

Leveraging Technology to Advance SRHR and Gender Equality



Church Center of the United Nations, 11th Floor

Date & Time

March 17, 2023
12:30PM EDT - 2:00PM EDT

Technological innovations present promising opportunities to expand access to sexual and reproductive health services, shift gender norms, and disrupt power imbalances. Digital wallets to support contraceptive choice, online dissemination of sexual health information, and mobilization of youth voices through social media all offer a chance to accelerate progress toward SDG 5. At this NGO parallel event, FP2030 will feature three expert panelists to discuss emerging ideas and approaches for magnifying impact on both SRHR and gender equality. They will also discuss how to ensure that these innovations are accessible and safe for all. Speakers include:

  • Mary-Ann Etiebet, Lead, Merck for Mothers
  • Amanda Kalamar, Technical Director, Breakthrough Research
  • Eliana Placci Arditi, Communication Analyst, Impacto Digital, Argentina.