May 9, 2023

Innovation for Inclusive Impact – Putting Women at the Heart of our Food Systems Investments

United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Ministry of Agriculture and Agri Food of Canada (AAFC), and the Gender, Climate Change and Nutrition Integration Project (GCAN)



Date & Time

May 9, 2023
12:30PM EDT - 2:00PM EDT

The commitment by the AIM for Climate Partner governments to accelerate investments and research in climate-smart agriculture is of critical importance to protect the global food system from the devastating effects of climate change. However, to date, most climate change policies, investments, and interventions do not adequately integrate gender and some risk exacerbating gender inequalities. Achieving the goal of more climate-resilient and just food systems requires addressing gender inequalities in food systems and elevating women’s agency and leadership in responding to the climate crisis.

Hosted by the Gender, Climate Change and Nutrition Integration Initiative (GCAN) of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), supported by U.S. Agency for International Development and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, this event will make the case for why we need to integrate gender into the global response to climate change, particularly in low- and middle-income countries facing food security and nutrition challenges. It will describe examples of gender-responsive, climate-smart agriculture innovations and entry points for scaling these approaches with the help of governments and the private sector.

This event is a plenary session during the AIM for Climate Summit and will feature leaders from government, the private sector, and beyond, including: Elizabeth Cousens, President and CEO of UN Foundation; Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada; Dr. Laura Suazo, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Honduras; Isobel Coleman, Deputy Administrator, USAID; Hellen Keti, Director, Abossi Top Hill Cooperative Farming Society; Kevin Perkins, Executive Director, Farm Radio International; Emily Rees, President and CEO, CropLife International; Dr. Bob Reiter, Head of Research and Development (R&D), Crop Science, Bayer; and Dr. Claudia Sadoff, CGIAR Executive Managing Director.